💖🔖 A GitHub Action that labels issues/PRs if the creator is a sponsor of the owner
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A GitHub Action that labels issues/PRs if the creator is a sponsor of the owner

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Imagine Alice sponsors Bob through GitHub Sponsors, and Bob owns a public repo, which includes this sponsor-label action. Then, when Alice opens an issue or PR on that repo, a bot will automatically add a sponsor 💖 label.

Screenshot of an issue created by a sponsor, with the sponsor label added

You can see the above example here: https://github.com/devonzuegel/highly-exporter/issues/4


You can create a .github/workflows/label-sponsors.yml file:

name: Label sponsors
    types: [opened]
    types: [opened]
    name: is-sponsor-label
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: JasonEtco/[email protected]
          GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

This will trigger the action when an issue or pull request is opened. You'll need to include the GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable!

By default, the label sponsor will be applied. If you have a different label you want to use, you can set that:

      - uses: JasonEtco/[email protected]
          label: Sponsor Request ❤
          GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

How it works

This action is designed to be triggered by the issues or pull_request events, specifically the opened action. When an issue or PR is opened, the action will make the following query:

query ($owner: String!) { 
  user (login: $owner) {
    sponsorshipsAsMaintainer (first: 100) {
      nodes {
        sponsor {

It will then check to see if the creator of the issue/PR is one of the sponsors in the list. If not, it'll try the next page of sponsors until it runs out.

Note! This query checks to see if the opener is a sponsor of the repository's owning user. This does not cover all cases of sponsorship!

If the opener is a sponsor, the action will then add the sponsor label to the issue or pull request.