Totally random collection of shell scripts
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sample php code to get elapsed duration
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A collection of totally random scripts.

  • /android

    Andrioid related scripts

  • /car/tesla

    Wrapper script to call tesla API to do various things like lock/unlock door, honk, location, enable keyless drive, etc.

  • /raspberrypi

    Various tools/scripts/howtos to build a image for Pi to be used as IoT device or pentest device

  • /firewall

    PF (packet filter) based firewall script to tighten your macOS (works on Yosemite onwards) with your own firewall. Very simple to setup by editing the /etc/pf.conf file (read the pf_rules_simple.conf)

  • /iot/kasa

    Simple script to call Kasa (TPlink) IoT bulb to turn on/off commandline. The kasa phone app is terrible and often looses connection to bulb and this script is very handy and reliable.

  • /freestyle-libre

    Script to import the blood glucose data exported from freestyle-libre reader, libreview export file as well as the liapp (android application). The data is stored in local sqlite DB and allows you to calcuate daily, weekly and monthly A1C from historical data.

  • /docker-jitsi

    Run your own Jitsi (opensource equivelent of google meet, zoom etc) audio/video conf with dockerized images.

  • /google_apps_script

    Scripts for Google Apps Scripting platform

  • /linux

    Linux related scripts

  • /macos

    MacOS only random scripts.

  • /misl

    Misl scripts

  • /router/asus-gt-ax11000

    Misl notes and worarounds scripts for ASUS GT-AX11000 router.

  • /security

    Security, password, encryption related random scripts

  • /tools

    Random scripts for various things

  • /wifi-sdcards

    Scripts for wifi enabled SD cards