GitHub action to set up PHP with extensions, php.ini configuration, coverage drivers, and various tools.

Updated 1 day ago

A Github Action used to build and publish Docker images

Updated 4 days ago

A Github Action that automatically compresses JPEGs, PNGs and WebPs in Pull Requests.

Updated 2 weeks ago

GitHub action to prevent GitHub from suspending your cronjob based triggers due to repository inactivity

Updated 3 weeks ago

🐦 A GitHub action to tweet from a repository

Updated 4 weeks ago

🛡️ Badge for your GitHub Actions

Updated 1 month ago

:octocat: 🚀 GitHub Action for Environment Variables

Updated 3 months ago


Updated 1 year ago

Github Action exposes useful metadata as environment variable which can be called / used in a workflow

Updated 1 year ago

Github Action That Provides Latest Public GitHub Repos From A User

Updated 2 years ago

Github Action To Generate Code Docs Website For PHP Using ApiGen

Updated 2 years ago

Updates My Pro Plugin's Change Log To Its Docs Repo

Updated 2 years ago

Uses git-ftp and GitHub actions to deploy a GitHub repository to a FTP server.

Updated 2 years ago

Some must-have GitHub Actions for WordPress development and how to use them, as demonstrated in my WordSesh talk.

Updated 2 years ago

Collection of Github Actions useful for WordPress Deployments

Updated 3 years ago