A better way for new feature introduction and step-by-step users guide for your website and project.

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not really known

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fb55 / css-select
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a CSS selector compiler & engine

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Common tasks of managing HTML DOM with vanilla JavaScript. Give me 1 if it’s useful.

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😂 📷 🎇 Storage place for all mah gifs.

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Beautiful JavaScript notifications with Web Notifications support.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks using simple HTML buttons.

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🗿 A list of everything that *could* go in the head of your document

Updated 4 months ago

iDocs is one page documentation html template which helps you to create your offline and online documentation for your themes, templates, plugins and software.

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The source code of my personal website, made with php and random code from open-source materials.

Updated 8 months ago

Document For Hacres HTML Template

Updated 10 months ago

DOSpaces Website Source Code

Updated 10 months ago

Generic JavaScript helpers that can be used with any template engine. Handlebars, Lo-Dash, Underscore, or any engine that supports helper functions.

Updated 2 years ago

A pure CSS library to beautify checkbox and radio buttons.

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vs-docs / prebiz
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Document For Prebiz HTML Template

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vs-docs / drones
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Document For Drones HTML Template

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