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A modern web UI for various torrent clients with a Node.js backend and React frontend.

Updated 4 hours ago

A beautiful, responsive, highly customizable and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript's popup boxes. Zero dependencies.

Updated 2 days ago

🚀 This tool contains mini GUI components that you can hook together to automatically generate markdown code for a perfect readme.

Updated 5 days ago

🚀 Generate GitHub profile README easily with the latest add-ons like visitors count, GitHub stats, etc using minimal UI.

Updated 1 week ago

🧩 Simple visualization tool for your JSON data.

Updated 1 week ago

A set of over 1450 free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons for you to use in your web projects.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Personal portfolio website of theme Ubuntu 20.04, made using NEXT.js & tailwind CSS

Updated 1 month ago

📚 Study guide and introduction to the modern front end stack.

Updated 2 months ago

Papercups chat widget

Updated 8 months ago

Track your cryptocurrency holdings/portfolio with an open-source web, mobile, and desktop application, along with a self-hosted RESTful API.

Updated 8 months ago

Modular and light-weight selection library

Updated 2 years ago

A pure CSS library to beautify checkbox and radio buttons.

Updated 4 years ago