An open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

Updated 50 minutes ago

WordPlate is a wrapper around WordPress. It's like building any other WordPress website with themes and plugins. Just with sprinkles on top.

Updated 16 hours ago

A custom update checker for WordPress plugins. Useful if you don't want to host your project in the official WP repository, but would still like it to support automatic updates. Despite the name, it also works with themes.

Updated 5 days ago

Custom field for CMB2 for attaching posts to a page.

Updated 6 days ago

All of the required core code

Updated 4 weeks ago

Add and remove Cron job in WordPress easily!

Updated 4 weeks ago

Theme Sniffer plugin using sniffs.

Updated 4 weeks ago

jQuery UI Datepicker styling to match WordPress color schemes

Updated 2 months ago

Simple pointers for WP Admin

Updated 2 months ago

A WordPress framework that facilitates the development of WP themes

Updated 3 months ago

Allows you to add a Markdown field to ACF using CommonMark standard

Updated 3 months ago

Network Media Library plugin for WordPress Multisite

Updated 7 months ago