HTTP(s) monitoring webpage via shell script

Updated 2 years ago

Digital ocean auto volume backup shell script.Currently, it will keep 2 newest snapshots. If you want to config this, change the value

Updated 1 year ago

A Bourne shell GitHub API client library focused on interfacing with shell scripts

Updated 1 year ago

Totally random collection of shell scripts

Updated 3 days ago

Make 🐚(shell) 's 💬 (`echo`) to be 🌈 easily Support sh bash zsh ksh 🐟

Updated 6 days ago

OpenVPN road warrior installer for Ubuntu, Debian, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, CentOS and Fedora

Updated 2 months ago

Intuitive bash/shell script to setup and harden/configure cPanel CentOS/RHEL server with ConfigServer Firewall, MailManage, MailQueue, Malware Detect, ClamAV, mod_cloudflare, CloudFlare RailGun, and many more applications and security tweaks

Updated 4 years ago

This repository contains custom helper scripts which are used in my servers

Updated 2 years ago

Script To Wake & Shutdown Remote System Using WOL (WakeOnLAN) and SSH for shutdown. with E-Mail Notification

Updated 1 month ago

Github Actions Toolkit For Shell Script & PHP

Updated 2 years ago

Personal Internal Shell Scripts

Updated 10 months ago