Track your cryptocurrency holdings with an open-source web, mobile, and desktop application, along with a self-hosted RESTful API.

Updated 8 hours ago

📸 Automagically converts URLs into images and PDFs.

Updated 3 months ago

🎨 A simple, beautiful, and high-quality avatar service on Cloudflare Workers.

Updated 6 months ago

Get a website icon by crawling HTML.

Updated 7 months ago

Make 🐚(shell) 's 💬 (`echo`) to be 🌈 easily Support sh bash zsh ksh 🐟

Updated 1 year ago

Totally random collection of shell scripts

Updated 1 week ago

Personal portfolio website of theme Ubuntu 20.04, made by react.js & tailwind css

Updated 6 days ago

Automatically log in to WordPress during development - an MU plugin

Updated 1 year ago

Tools 🧰 for developing and running WordPress websites

Updated 7 months ago

Composer package which installs all required libraries & packages for my development environment

Updated 3 weeks ago

WordPress plugin to globally set a password for all password protected posts and pages

Updated 1 year ago

Ideas for things that I'll build just as soon as I find the time

Updated 3 years ago

📨 A fully featured open source mail delivery platform for incoming & outgoing e-mail

Updated 4 weeks ago

A curated list of amazingly awesome free (stock) photo resources inspired by all the other awesomes.

Updated 2 years ago

issue with phpstan will be replicated

Updated 3 weeks ago

Prevent user download video from browser (HTML5, PHP)

Updated 1 year ago

Heroicons web viewer, Next.js and Tailwind CSS. 🕶

Updated 1 month ago

The PHP Unit Testing framework.

Updated 1 month ago