Bulk add mirror repositories to a Gitea instance by scraping repositories on GitHub.
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Deno Mirror to Gitea

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Bulk add mirror repositories to a Gitea instance by scraping repositories on GitHub.

Mirror repositories are kept up to date automatically by Gitea.


I am a data hoarder.


Pass in the required fields:


By default,

Runtime options

Name Default Value Description
GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN create a github access token
GITEA_ACCESS_TOKEN gitea access token
GITEA_API_URL http://localhost:3000/api/v1/ api url
STARRED false mirror the users starred repos
REPOS false mirror the users public repos
CONTRIBUTED_TO false mirror any repo the user has contributed to
FETCH_FOLLOWING false grab all users you are following, and fetch STARRED/CONTRIUBTED_TO/REPOS based on enabled fields, only traverses 1 depth
DRY_RUN true disable sandbox/test-mode and migrate the repos

For the full list of passable runtime variables are located in constants.ts

By passing in a username list of jasonraimondi adamwathan wesbos, deno-mirror-to-gitea will fetch and add the mirror repos from each user depending on the --STARRED=true, --REPOS=true, --CONTRIBUTED_TO=true, --FETCH_FOLLOWING=true flags. In this case, we would be grabbing all of the repos, starred repos, and contributed repos for jasonraimondi, adamwathan, and wesbos. Then we would fetch all of the users that these three are following, and mirror every repo, starred, and contributed to for the users we are following.

Note: when using --FETCH_FOLLOWING=true in combination with the --STARRED=true --REPOS=true and --CONTRIBUTED_TO=true, it is going to exponentially increase the amount of repos you are mirroring

deno run --allow-net --allow-read main.ts \
    --GITEA_API_URL="http://localhost:3000/api/v1/" \
    --STARRED=false \
    --REPOS=false \
    --CONTRIBUTED_TO=false \
    jasonraimondi adamwathan wesbos 

Or use docker!

docker run --rm jasonraimondi/deno-mirror-to-gitea \
    --GITEA_API_URL="http://localhost:3000/api/v1/" \
    --STARRED=false \
    --REPOS=false \
    --CONTRIBUTED_TO=false \
    jasonraimondi adamwathan wesbos

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