📊 An infographics generator with 30+ plugins and 200+ options to display stats about your GitHub account and render them as SVG, Markdown, PDF or JSON!
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📊 Metrics

Continuous integration

Generate metrics that can be embedded everywhere, including your GitHub profile readme! Supports users, organizations, and even repositories!

For user accounts For organization accounts

🧩 Customizable with 46 plugins and 329 options!

📅 Isometric commit calendar 🈷️ Languages activity
Full year calendar
Half year calendar
Indepth analysis (clone and analyze repositories)
Recently used (analyze recent activity events)
Default algorithm
Default algorithm (with details)
✨ Stargazers 👨‍💻 Lines of code changed
Classic charts
Graph charts
Repositories and diff history
Compact display in base plugin
📌 Starred topics 🌟 Recently starred repositories
With icons
With labels
📜 Repository licenses 💡 Coding habits and activity
Permissions, limitations and conditions
Licenses overview
Recent activity charts
Mildly interesting facts
🏅 Repository contributors 🎟️ Follow-up of issues and pull requests
By contribution types
By number of contributions
Indepth analysis
Created on a user's repositories
Created by a user
🎭 Comment reactions 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 People
Related to a user
Related to a repository
💝 GitHub Sponsorships 💕 GitHub Sponsors
GitHub sponsors card
GitHub sponsors full introduction
📓 Featured repositories 💬 Discussions
💫 Star lists 📆 Commit calendar
Repositories from star lists
Languages from star lists
Current year
Full history
🏆 Achievements 🎩 Notable contributions
Compact display
Detailed display
Indepth analysis
Contributions in organizations only
📰 Recent activity 🧮 Repositories traffic
♐ Random code snippet 🎫 Gists
🗂️ GitHub projects 🙋 Introduction
For a user or an organization
For a repository
🌇 GitHub Skyline ⏱️ Google PageSpeed
GitHub Skyline
GitHub City
PageSpeed scores
PageSpeed scores with detailed report
PageSpeed scores with a website screenshot
🐤 Latest tweets 🗨️ Stack Overflow
Latest tweets with attachments
Latest tweets
🌸 Anilist watch list and reading list 🎼 Music activity and suggestions
For anime watchers
For manga readers
For waifus simp
Random tracks from a playlist
Recently listened
✒️ Recent posts 🗼 Rss feed
Latest posts width description and cover image
Latest posts
⏰ WakaTime 🗳️ Leetcode
🕹️ Steam
Recently played games
Profile and detailed game history
🎲 See also community plugins
🧠 16personalities
by @lowlighter
Render example
♟️ Chess
by @lowlighter
Render example
🥠 Fortune
by @lowlighter
Render example
💉 Nightscout
by @legoandmars
Render example
💩 PoopMap plugin
by @matievisthekat
Render example
📸 Website screenshot
by @lowlighter
Render example
🦑 Splatoon
by @lowlighter
Render example
💹 Stock prices
by @lowlighter
Render example

🖼️ And even more with 4+ templates!

📗 Classic template 📘 Repository template
📙 Terminal template 📒 Markdown template
📕 See also community templates

🦑 Try it now!

📊 Metrics embed ✨ Metrics insights
Embed metrics images on your profile or blog!
Use GitHub actions for even more features!
Share your metrics with friends and on social medias!
No configuration needed!
Test latest features and patches on 🧪 Metrics beta!
Power user?
Fork this repository and edit HTML, CSS, JS and EJS for even more customization!

📚 Documentation

⚠️ This is the documentation of v3.34-beta (@master/@main branches) which includes unreleased features planned for next release. See documentation for current released version v3.33 (@latest branch) here.

🦮 Setup

There are several ways to setup metrics, each having its advantages and disadvantages:

Additional resources for setup:

🖼️ Templates

Templates lets you change general appearance of rendered metrics.

🧩 Plugins

Plugins provide additional content and lets you customize rendered metrics.

📦 Maintained by core team

🎲 Maintained by community

💪 Contributing

If you are interested in contributing, the following resources may interest you:

Use 💬 discussions for feedback, new features suggestions, bugs reports or to request help for installation.

📜 License

MIT License
Copyright (c) 2020-present lowlighter