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package checkins
import (
func (c *Checkin) Expected() time.Duration {
last := c.LastHit()
now := utils.Now()
lastDir := now.Sub(last.CreatedAt)
return c.Period() - lastDir
func (c *Checkin) Period() time.Duration {
return time.Duration(c.Interval) * time.Minute
// Start will create a channel for the checkin checking go routine
func (c *Checkin) Start() {
log.Infoln(fmt.Sprintf("Starting checkin routine: %s", c.Name))
c.Running = make(chan bool)
go c.checkinRoutine()
// Close will stop the checkin routine
func (c *Checkin) Close() {
if c.Running != nil {
// IsRunning returns true if the checkin go routine is running
func (c *Checkin) IsRunning() bool {
if c.Running == nil {
return false
select {
case <-c.Running:
return false
return true