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package notifiers
import (
var _ notifier.Notifier = (*gotify)(nil)
type gotify struct {
func (g *gotify) Select() *notifications.Notification {
return g.Notification
func (g *gotify) Valid(values notifications.Values) error {
return nil
var Gotify = &gotify{&notifications.Notification{
Method: "gotify",
Title: "Gotify",
Description: "Use Gotify to receive push notifications. Add your Gotify URL and App Token to receive notifications.",
Author: "Hugo van Rijswijk",
AuthorUrl: "",
Icon: "broadcast-tower",
Delay: time.Duration(5 * time.Second),
Limits: 60,
SuccessData: null.NewNullString(`{"title": "{{.Service.Name}}", "message": "Your service '{{.Service.Name}}' is currently online!", "priority": 2}`),
FailureData: null.NewNullString(`{"title": "{{.Service.Name}}", "message": "Your service '{{.Service.Name}}' is currently failing! Reason: {{.Failure.Issue}}", "priority": 5}`),
DataType: "json",
Form: []notifications.NotificationForm{{
Type: "text",
Title: "Gotify URL",
SmallText: "Gotify server URL, including http(s):// and port if needed",
DbField: "Host",
Placeholder: "",
Required: true,
}, {
Type: "text",
Title: "App Token",
SmallText: "The Application Token generated by Gotify",
DbField: "api_key",
Placeholder: "TB5gatYYyR.FCD2",
Required: true,
// Send will send a HTTP Post to the Gotify API. It accepts type: string
func (g *gotify) sendMessage(msg string) (string, error) {
var url string
if strings.HasSuffix(g.Host.String, "/") {
url = g.Host.String + "message"
} else {
url = g.Host.String + "/message"
headers := []string{"X-Gotify-Key=" + g.ApiKey.String}
content, _, err := utils.HttpRequest(url, "POST", "application/json", headers, strings.NewReader(msg), time.Duration(10*time.Second), true, nil)
return string(content), err
// OnFailure will trigger failing service
func (g *gotify) OnFailure(s services.Service, f failures.Failure) (string, error) {
out, err := g.sendMessage(ReplaceVars(g.FailureData.String, s, f))
return out, err
// OnSuccess will trigger successful service
func (g *gotify) OnSuccess(s services.Service) (string, error) {
out, err := g.sendMessage(ReplaceVars(g.SuccessData.String, s, failures.Failure{}))
return out, err
// OnTest will test the Gotify notifier
func (g *gotify) OnTest() (string, error) {
msg := `{"title:" "Test" "message": "Testing the Gotify Notifier", "priority": 0}`
content, err := g.sendMessage(msg)
return content, err
// OnSave will trigger when this notifier is saved
func (g *gotify) OnSave() (string, error) {
return "", nil