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package notifiers
import (
var _ notifier.Notifier = (*twilio)(nil)
type twilio struct {
func (t *twilio) Select() *notifications.Notification {
return t.Notification
func (t *twilio) Valid(values notifications.Values) error {
return nil
var Twilio = &twilio{&notifications.Notification{
Method: "twilio",
Title: "Twilio",
Description: "Receive SMS text messages directly to your cellphone when a service is offline. You can use a Twilio test account with limits. This notifier uses the <a href=\"\">Twilio API</a>.",
Author: "Hunter Long",
AuthorUrl: "",
Icon: "far fa-comment-alt",
Delay: time.Duration(10 * time.Second),
SuccessData: null.NewNullString("Your service '{{.Service.Name}}' is currently online!"),
FailureData: null.NewNullString("Your service '{{.Service.Name}}' is currently offline!"),
DataType: "text",
Limits: 15,
Form: []notifications.NotificationForm{{
Type: "text",
Title: "Account SID",
Placeholder: "Insert your Twilio Account SID",
DbField: "api_key",
Required: true,
}, {
Type: "text",
Title: "Account Token",
Placeholder: "Insert your Twilio Account Token",
DbField: "api_secret",
Required: true,
}, {
Type: "number",
Title: "SMS to Phone Number",
Placeholder: "18555555555",
DbField: "Var1",
Required: true,
}, {
Type: "number",
Title: "From Phone Number",
Placeholder: "18555555555",
DbField: "Var2",
Required: true,
// Send will send a HTTP Post to the Twilio SMS API. It accepts type: string
func (t *twilio) sendMessage(message string) (string, error) {
twilioUrl := fmt.Sprintf("", t.ApiKey.String)
v := url.Values{}
v.Set("To", "+"+t.Var1.String)
v.Set("From", "+"+t.Var2.String)
v.Set("Body", message)
rb := strings.NewReader(v.Encode())
authHeader := base64.StdEncoding.EncodeToString([]byte(fmt.Sprintf("%s:%s", t.ApiKey.String, t.ApiSecret.String)))
contents, _, err := utils.HttpRequest(twilioUrl, "POST", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", []string{"Authorization=Basic " + authHeader}, rb, 10*time.Second, true, nil)
success, _ := twilioSuccess(contents)
if !success {
errorOut := twilioError(contents)
if errorOut.Code == 0 {
return string(contents), nil
out := fmt.Sprintf("Error code %v - %s", errorOut.Code, errorOut.Message)
return string(contents), errors.New(out)
return string(contents), err
// OnFailure will trigger failing service
func (t *twilio) OnFailure(s services.Service, f failures.Failure) (string, error) {
msg := ReplaceVars(t.FailureData.String, s, f)
return t.sendMessage(msg)
// OnSuccess will trigger successful service
func (t *twilio) OnSuccess(s services.Service) (string, error) {
msg := ReplaceVars(t.SuccessData.String, s, failures.Failure{})
return t.sendMessage(msg)
// OnTest will test the Twilio SMS messaging
func (t *twilio) OnTest() (string, error) {
msg := fmt.Sprintf("Testing the Twilio SMS Notifier")
return t.sendMessage(msg)
// OnSave will trigger when this notifier is saved
func (t *twilio) OnSave() (string, error) {
return "", nil
func twilioSuccess(res []byte) (bool, twilioResponse) {
var obj twilioResponse
json.Unmarshal(res, &obj)
if obj.Status == "queued" {
return true, obj
return false, obj
func twilioError(res []byte) twilioErrorObj {
var obj twilioErrorObj
json.Unmarshal(res, &obj)
return obj
type twilioErrorObj struct {
Code int `json:"code"`
Message string `json:"message"`
MoreInfo string `json:"more_info"`
Status int `json:"status"`
type twilioResponse struct {
Sid string `json:"sid"`
DateCreated string `json:"date_created"`
DateUpdated string `json:"date_updated"`
DateSent interface{} `json:"date_sent"`
AccountSid string `json:"account_sid"`
To string `json:"to"`
From string `json:"from"`
MessagingServiceSid interface{} `json:"messaging_service_sid"`
Body string `json:"body"`
Status string `json:"status"`
NumSegments string `json:"num_segments"`
NumMedia string `json:"num_media"`
Direction string `json:"direction"`
APIVersion string `json:"api_version"`
Price interface{} `json:"price"`
PriceUnit string `json:"price_unit"`
ErrorCode interface{} `json:"error_code"`
ErrorMessage interface{} `json:"error_message"`
URI string `json:"uri"`
SubresourceUris struct {
Media string `json:"media"`
} `json:"subresource_uris"`