Create useful .gitignore files for your project
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Create useful .gitignore files for your project

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About is a web service designed to help you create .gitignore files for your Git repositories. The site has a graphical and command line method of creating a .gitignore for your operating system, programming language, or IDE.

.gitignore Template Source

Source templates for

License of the generated files

All files generated by are under CC0.


Complete documentation:

Docker Container




docker-compose up --build


docker-compose -f ./docker-compose-dev.yml build
docker-compose -f ./docker-compose-dev.yml up

It will start the web server running on http://localhost:8080

Development mode mounts the following directories to docker volumes:

  • /Public
  • /Resources


The app uses LESS as its CSS preprocessor for the files in Public/css.

To process the less file you need to:

  • Install all dependencies with yarn install
  • Process the assets with yarn build

Environment Variables

Please set your environment variables to docker configurations. All are optional.

      BASE_PREFIX: /foo/bar


Origin of your web server, falls back to



If you want to host this web server under a subdirectory ( for example), please set this variable.

BASE_PREFIX: /foo/bar


User ID for Google Tag Manager snippet


E2E Tests

Tests are located in e2e-tests folder with:

  • API tests in api folder - implemented using Superagent
  • E2E tests in pages folder - implemented with Puppeteer



  • Set the BASE_URL env variable (only if you have changed the default URL or port)
  • docker-compose up --build --detach
  • yarn gitupdate
  • yarn install
  • yarn build
  • yarn test
  • docker-compose stop