My Daily Cron Needs
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This repository contains Github action's workflow which runs via cron

  1. Digitalocean Backups
  2. Github To Gitea Backup

Digitalocean Backups

DigitalOcean doesn't propose any way of automating snapshots. There are some SaaS that can take care of it but paying to execute some API requests seemed a bit off. That's why we developed a simple script which can run with cron jobs or in CI services like Travis for free. We use it daily to manage our backups.

It includes:

  • Snapshoting droplets
  • Snapshoting volumes
  • Retention policy
  • Pruning snapshots

Github To Gitea Backup

Why ?

What Im trying to accomplish is a fail-safe in case something happens to GitHub which would make me loose access, be that voluntarily or involuntarily.

I am not migrating away from GitHub because I see no reason to: the platform is very useful to me, and Id not like to loose it.

Why Gitea

Id like a Web UI onto these repositories in addition to the files in the file system. It could have been Gitlab, but I think Gitea is probably the option with the lowest resource requirements.

When I add a repository to Gitea and specify I want it to be mirrored, Gitea will take charge of periodically querying the source repository and pulling changes in it.